Arty Badge

Hi everyone!

Quilling is a great way to relax as it simple but you can make anything you want. Recently, I quilled a blue flower badge. It is made out of blue, white and yellow paper with a safety pin on the back. I made a yellow centre piece and wrapped a white strip of paper around it. I then coiled the blue paper into petal shapes and glued them onto the centre piece. To finish the badge, I sellotaped a safety pin to the back. Quilling is really fun and all you need are strips of paper and glue!

How to do Quilling!

  1. Cut or buy strips of paper and get some glue
  2. Coil the paper, secure with glue and dry
  3. You can now pinch to crease and make folds and glue to other things to make patterns or objects!

Arty Butterflies

Hello everyone!

I have made a couple of quilled butterflies. What is quilling I hear you ask? Quilling is where you use thin strips of paper and coil them into circles. From there, you can pinch it into any shape you want and you can glue them together to make 3d shapes. As you can see in the right hand picture, they are smaller than a pencil but look! They are so detailed and delicate.