All Things Art


Arty Cakes

Hello all!

I have been busy making delicious cakes. They are chocolate flavoured and have vanilla buttercream icing. The flowers are all handmade from fondant. The colours were hand mixed using fondant and food colouring so I could create the perfect shade. I used a flower cutter in two different sizes to create the petals but I made the middle balls by hand. The fondant leaves were made with a holly leaf cutter and a stamp with leaf veins on. They were very yummy and I would suggest that you make some too!


Arty Gruffalo


It will soon be time for the next Bedford Booktastic festival so I have been thinking back to last year’s highly enjoyable event. I listened to authors and illustrators and what they had to say about their books. Axel Scheffler did a ‘draw along’ event and showed how to draw some of his famous characters. I then decided to get out The Gruffalo, one of the books he illustrated, and paint a scene from it with watercolours. This is my watercolour painting of the scene where Mouse tells Fox about the Gruffalo.

Barbie Clothes

Arty Fashion

Hi all!

I have made some clothes for my barbie dolls and wanted to share them with you. Barbie clothes can be as simple as a piece of fabric tied with string or as complex as a multi-piece outfit with cape, gloves etc. They can be for any occasion and there are no limits. You can also make outfits out of things like scrunchies and even balloons which are super fun to make.

Cross Stitch

Arty Cross Stitch

Hey everyone!

I have recently been doing a type of sewing called cross stitch. It is where you stitch a pattern onto a board. Some are plastic, others are fabric. I really enjoy doing it, as it doesn’t require too much focus and can be very calming and relaxing.

This is a heart cross stitch kit which has a plastic board. This is a beginners cross stitch kit, small in size with a simple design. You can get more advanced kits with more detailed designs and colours. These sometimes include backstitch to add definition. I would recommend that you try a kit too!


Arty Badge

Hi everyone!

Quilling is a great way to relax as it simple but you can make anything you want. Recently, I quilled a blue flower badge. It is made out of blue, white and yellow paper with a safety pin on the back. I made a yellow centre piece and wrapped a white strip of paper around it. I then coiled the blue paper into petal shapes and glued them onto the centre piece. To finish the badge, I sellotaped a safety pin to the back. Quilling is really fun and all you need are strips of paper and glue!

How to do Quilling!

  1. Cut or buy strips of paper and get some glue
  2. Coil the paper, secure with glue and dry
  3. You can now pinch to crease and make folds and glue to other things to make patterns or objects!
Nail Painting

Arty Nails!

Hey everyone!

Today I have painted my nails and made them pretty with some hearts. I really enjoyed this and would recommend doing this yourself! They are a great way to spend time with friends or to get ready for a party! You can put any design on to your nails and they will instantly become a unique design. It can be a picture or pattern, unique or matching. There are no rules whatsoever. I have given a tutorial but it is up to you to decide on the pattern and colour.

How to do patterned nails!

  1. Gather all you materials. These include: nail polish, tissue or something to cover the workspace and a cocktail stick.
  2. Paint a base layer. I prefer to make it a solid colour to draw attention to the pattern then let it dry.
  3. Add one of the colours for your pattern and leave to dry. Use the cocktail stick to draw or drag shapes.
  4. Repeat step 3 for all the pattern colours.
  5. Add a clear layer, dry and you are done!

Arty Butterflies

Hello everyone!

I have made a couple of quilled butterflies. What is quilling I hear you ask? Quilling is where you use thin strips of paper and coil them into circles. From there, you can pinch it into any shape you want and you can glue them together to make 3d shapes. As you can see in the right hand picture, they are smaller than a pencil but look! They are so detailed and delicate.


Arty Tree


Today I would like to share my watercolour tree with you. In the background there is a sunset but you might think of it as a rainbow. What do you think of the leaves? Should I try drawing another tree next or something else? Tell me below in the comments.


Arty Bag

Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to share my macramé bag with you. Macramé is the art of tying different types of knot in different places to create all kinds of things. They can be for decoration or for practical use. I have a macramé owl that I look forward to doing. Do you want to have a go? Let me know your thoughts about this post.


Arty Kitty Girl

Morning everyone!

How are you today? I have lots of snow! ❄ ❄ ❄ None of it is settling though. 😭 Do any of you have snow?

Today I am going to show you my Fantasy ‘cat girl’. She looks ok but I think I may need to work on my people! What do you think? What animal-human should I draw next? Let me know and I may draw it!